When is the Best Time to Call for a Car Accident Attorney?

Two drivers discussing after a car collision

When you’re involved in a collision, things can get a little fuzzy due to the shock of everything that happened right before you. Due to this, you’re often battling on the idea whether you should seek the assistance of a lawyer or not.

Admittedly, these types of incidents can be overwhelming when they resulted in injuries and damages. In many cases, the parties involved choose to resolve the situation themselves, especially when they consider the collision a minor case. The problem with that, however, is you can never properly assess the extent of the damages.

To guide you accordingly in facing this ordeal, car accident lawyers in Los Angeles share some insights when it’s best to call an expert. Below are some of them:

Negotiation with Your Insurance Company

When you are involved in a car accident, chances are the other party’s insurance company will approach you for a statement. During this period, they will try to convince you to settle with a deal that’s advantageous to them or their client. At this point, you need an attorney to speak and represent you so they can negotiate in your place and provide you with a fair compensation.

Search for Proof of Liability for Injuries

Providing evidence and searching for proof of liability is probably the most difficult task during the accident. For someone who’s not used to do this, it’s likely to miss crucial proof for your claim. This is when you need an attorney to collect and go through the evidence you have to uncover the truth behind the incident.

Proper Assessment of Total Loss and Damages

Evaluating the value of the damages and injuries you have suffered from the accident is another complex part. When you’re not backed by an attorney, it is likely that the insurance company will sway you to settle for less compensation. The sad part is this may not even cover the expenses you have spent or is continuously spending. Through the assistance of a lawyer, you’ll get a proper valuation that covers the past, present, and even future spending the incident may have caused you.

Provides Guidance in Filing for a Case

Judge gavel and attorney and client handshake in the background

Once you decide to file for a personal injury case, it’s automatic that you seek the assistance of an attorney. This is to get useful legal options and advice to help you claim what you deserve. Through this step, you’ll be able to push the involved party — including their insurance provider — to give you a fair settlement. Clearly, most people would prefer that rather than bringing their case to court.

In case both parties decide to bring the case to court, you do not have to worry because a lawyer is always prepared for that scenario.

These are the instances where you need the presence of an attorney. Whether it is a big wreck or not, consulting them can certainly help you receive a fair settlement. The next time you get hurt due to a car wreck caused by somebody else’s carelessness, you must first call for help and inform your attorney immediately.

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