Recognising the role of a criminal solicitor and how they can help

criminal solicitor

Fighting your corner

Being accused of any criminal act can be an incredibly daunting and traumatic exercise for everyone involved, which is why you need a good criminal solicitor on your side.

Not only does the accused face the risk of losing their liberties, but the implications of being accused of various criminal acts can also have a damaging impact on their social standing, reputation and prospects, regardless of the outcome of the case.

To give yourself the best chance of a fair trial and legal process whereby your rights are all upheld and respected and a favourable outcome is reached, you need to put a solid legal team in place to handle all aspects of your defence.

Regardless of a person’s innocence in a criminal case, they still need to have a legal team in order to make sure they are treated fairly and within the confines of the law and don’t accidentally make matters worse for themselves.

What does a solicitor do in a criminal case?

Criminal law is a massively broad area of law that includes offences such as murder, manslaughter, drug-related offences, money laundering, terrorism and restraint orders. As the specifics of each of these offences vary massively, you must get in touch with a legal team of solicitors who are professionals within the field of law that relates to the offence you are being charged with.

Two of the main responsibilities of your solicitor in a criminal case is to thoroughly examine all the evidence that is held against you and keep you informed about what is happening, what potential pleas you could make and what the sentencing could be.

criminal solicitor

Starting things off

At the beginning of your case – this should ideally be when you are initially informed by the police or court that you are being accused of a criminal act – your solicitor will obtain all the details of your case and explain them to you in a clear and concise way.

Your solicitor will then begin to gather evidence on your behalf to support your case and portray you in the most positive light possible. This often includes carrying out interviews with any parties involved and cross-referencing any witness testimonies against you to find out if there are any discrepancies or missing pieces of vital information.

With this information, the solicitor will then research any procedural rules, statutes and similar cases from which they can build a solid defense strategy.

Defending you during trial

If your criminal offence case results in a trial, your solicitor will be by your side to argue the case on your behalf and ensure that any punishment or sentence handed out is fair and just.

In a criminal case and depending on your plea, your solicitor will work tirelessly to make sure any jury, judges or magistrates who hear the case details have the relevant context and understanding to put it into perspective. Furthermore, the solicitor will ensure that any personal circumstance, rehabilitation or remorse is taken into consideration.

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