Design Ideas for a Memorial Service


The demise of a loved one is generally one of the emotionally, financially and physically draining moments of most people’s lives. Planning for a memorial service to honor him/her is also not an easy feat more so when you have so much to deal with.

You cannot also entrust the planning of the memorial service to just anyone you come across since you are not guaranteed they will do a perfect job of memorializing your loved one. With a Croydon-based funeral home offering bereavement services, however, you can guarantee that your loved one’s memorial will befit the celebration of their life.

Nobody said that memorial services should be bland and somber because they are sad events. You can choose to celebrate the best moments of your loved one’s life rather than focus on the fact that they are not there anymore.

One of the elements of a classic memorial service is décor. The following are some unique décor ideas that the funeral home might suggest for the memorial.


Funeral flowers come in various styles, designs, and colors. Traditionally, the flowers were generally white, but this is not a rule cast in stone.

You could choose your loved one’s favorite flowers and colors for the décor in the memorial. Keep your theme classy yet straightforward with gentle and muted tones. Decorative garlands will also suffice in most memorial services.


Memorial Service

It is appropriate and yet touching to display the decedent’s photo during the memorial service. This can be a framed portrait, a custom painting or a laser-engraved print.

Some families find it hard to pick just one photo which will truly represent their loved one’s life. For them, they can opt to have a wall or board with different photos which best showcase their loved one’s life.

Customized Candles

Several customized memorial candles dotting different areas of your memorial service’s location will set the best mood for your service. They are also a beautiful and bright addition to your overall décor.

The best candles used in this instance are flameless LED candles, which are made from wax and feature realistic flicker patterns. Other than their safety, the candles will offer a keepsake for years. Lanterns are also a good alternative for customized candles.


You can showcase your loved one’s passion and hobbies by dedicating a corner for the display of their collectibles. Some people opt to have the collectible tables at the entrance while others will place it in the center of the room. Whichever option you choose, the collectibles will give people attending the service a good idea of your loved one’s life.

The décor ideas for your loved one’s memorial service will only be limited by your imagination and the funeral home you pick to help you put it together. The most important aspect you should remember is to reflect your loved one’s personality and lifetime in your choices.

Memorial services have changed nowadays since families have also changed. Whether you are looking for a simple spiritual or religious memorial service, the above décor ideas will go a long way in guaranteeing it is a celebration of your loved one’s life.

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