A Competent Stenographer: Your Best Ally in Court

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A court reporter’s transcript is an exactly written recording of legal proceedings. The arena is competitive, stressful, and rewarding. Also known as court stenographers, these professionals work hard to fulfill expectations — that is, nothing less than an accurate record.

When court stenographers perform well

Good performance in the job entails producing a written document that is precise, concise, and error-free — a competent professional records every action and every word for posterity. Misinterpreting a concept or missing an important word could be detrimental to a case.

A compromised recording may require the case to be heard again, entailing huge expense and a waste of everyone’s time. The best court reporters in Phoenix, AZ, has to offer are some of the best in the business. However, they work very hard and cannot afford to compromise.

A challenging profession

woman working at nightA court reporter’s life is challenging. Sitting for long stretches to make sure every word is committed to the official record can be taxing to the body. Physical discomfort is not unheard of after hours of being hunched over a stenotype or shorthand machine.

After the hearing is over, the job of the official record keeper does not end. He or she may be asked to finalize a transcript or deposition. Additional demands can keep a stenographer up and working hard into the night. Because the field is very competitive, you are likely to see top professionals extending work hours into the weekend to satisfy the requirements of clients and sustain their loyalty and trust.

A strong constitution

Creating word for word transcriptions in court proceedings is not to be taken lightly. Capturing spoken dialogue using a machine and producing an accurate report requires high-level skill and total attention. Stenographers should find another profession if they do not have patience and determination.

Catching every word requires attention, and it is not enough to possess the skill to use the stenotype. One must have a finely tuned ability to listen in order to record proceedings without missing a bit or neglecting important information.

One must be able to empty the mind and not allow distractions to share attention with what goes on in the courtroom. It is also essential to remain objective, and not allow the gravity of the situation to elicit emotion and subjectivity. Focusing on the task at hand and always remembering to be faithful to the record are necessary skills, which can be developed with experienced and nurtured with time.

After two years of education and two more years of training, a person can start working as a stenographer. From entry-level skills, a dedicated and determined professional could acquire experience, enhance their skill, and reach the top of the tier.

The best of the best transcribes 250–260 words a minute. Modern technology has allowed professional stenographers to become more efficient in their job.

A perfect transcript is a requirement for a case to be amenable for appeal in court. A proficient stenographer is your ally — someone who realizes the value of accuracy; someone who knows that every word matters. Make sure only the best sits in front of the stenotype machine for your hearings.

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