False Charges: The Steps to Take When You’re Wrongly Accused of a Crime


Facing a legal battle can be the worst experience you could ever have. However, what’s even worse is being accused of a crime that you know you did not do. As a person who’s being accused, the first thing you’ll likely feel is fear and you might have many questions as to why you have to go through the experience. Due to your emotions, you might want to go up to the authorities and try to defend yourself and convince them that you’re not the person they should find guilty. However, you should know that anything you say can and will be used against you in court, which could make a great impact on proving your innocence. Before you do anything crazy, here are the steps that you should take when you’re being accused of committing a crime you did not do:

Hire a Lawyer

This should be the first thing that comes to mind. Never ever do any action without hiring a lawyer because it can be used against you. Look for a criminal lawyer in Townsville who is familiar with the details you should look for and present in order to prove your innocence. If you can, look for one who has already handled a case that was similar to yours and was able to win it. Defending a falsely accused defendant would be hard for someone who is inexperienced, especially if it is a grave offence and strong evidence is being presented against you. Never make a statement or agree to tests without your lawyer with you.

Gather Relevant Information

Though it is your lawyer’s job to make sure that you will win the case, it is still better to gather information. For example, you can ask your attorney to check the CCTV recordings of the places you’ve been when the crime happened. You can also look for receipts which show that you’ve purchased something or have been somewhere else when the event took place. You can also look for people who can testify that you were somewhere else during the time the offence was made. This way, you can strengthen your alibi. Even pieces of evidence that you think can and will hurt your case, you should keep and not delete or throw away. Keep it because you might not know what will happen when you give it to the investigation department.

Prepare Yourself to Face Trials

Being wrongly accused doesn’t just have the issue of looking for money to finance hiring a lawyer, but it also brings emotional torture for you and your family. Don’t be driven solely by your emotions. It can be difficult, but you should always keep your cool and think rationally. Ready yourself for any psychological pain that you may experience. As long as your conscience is clean, you should not worry.

Being wrongly accused doesn’t just happen on television, but it can also happen in real life. It can be compared to a nightmare, but always remember that the law doesn’t just persecute people but it can also protect people. Just make sure to hire a competent lawyer, and you would not have anything much to worry about.

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