Debunking 4 Myths Surrounding the Bail Bond Process

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Most people do not know much about bail bonds. The bail process can be confusing when trying to get yourself or someone you love out of jail. Chances are that you have heard or learned about the bail process or bail bonds by watching movies or television.

Unless you have gone through the bail process or hired a bondsman, you might not get the whole truth by watching movies or television. Since people look for bondsmen only when they need them, the public has the wrong image of bail bondsmen, what they do, and the entire bail process. The myths about bondsmen and the bond process can cost you resources and time when you or your loved one is in jail. You shouldn’t let the misconceptions interfere with the possibility of your loved one to be bailed out of jail.

You need the full amount of bail in cash

The misconception usually prevents people from trying to bail their loved ones out of jail. People have a misconception that they are required to provide the full amount of the bail, which sometimes is unaffordable. The truth is that unless you are paying the bail bond in cash directly to the court, you do not need the full amount. The objective of a bail bond is to get your loved one out of jail without necessarily giving the full amount. An efficient bondsman in Raleigh will assist you in securing your bond with your collateral so that you pay a specific percentage of the total bail. The bond agent will let you know of the payment plan as well as your financial obligations.

People can only be bailed out by family members

Several people have been discouraged by this misconception. In reality, any person above 18 years old can bail an individual out of jail. However, you will lose your bond if you post a bond for another person and the individual does not appear in court. Consequently, the bail will be forfeited. If the individual appears in court, the agent returns the bond, or it gets transferred to cater for fines and other costs.

Bail bond agents can make a deal for bail for defendants

The courts have the exclusive responsibility of deciding whether an individual will be released on bail and the bail amount. The myth that bond agents can organize to bail an individual out even when courts have decided not to offer bail is far from the truth. The truth is that you will need a guarantor after the court has set a bond. Only a lawyer can help you appeal the bail decision by the court.

You are now entirely free of legal obligation

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The truth is that getting a bail bond does not make you completely free. You are out of jail, but you still have legal requirements to fulfill. You should make sure that you know the court dates and that you attend them to avoid being behind bars once more.

While there is much to learn about bail bonds, these myths should be avoided. Now that you know the truth, you can get your family member or friend out of jail without any fears. The misconceptions should not discourage you.

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