Common Trucking Accident Causes and What You Need to Do

Crashed 10-wheeler truck

Vehicular accidents, in general, are already terrible. But, when one of the vehicles involved is a truck, things can escalate — with unpleasant results. These often need the intervention of a trucking injury lawyer in Denver in order to get due recompense when you’re the victim.

Part of being able to effectively deal with trucking accidents is understanding what the most common causes of trucking accidents are — and what steps you need to avoid or deal with them.


One of the most tiring jobs in the world falls on the shoulders of truck drivers. That’s especially true for those who drive long haul. On the road for days at the time, it can take a toll on the body like no other.

That’s why it isn’t at all surprising that one of the leading causes of trucking accidents is that the drivers were simply too tired to react or fell asleep at the wheel. It’s very difficult to protect against these kinds of incidents except by being very attentive and careful yourself — especially around big trucks.

Substance Abuse

As if fatigue wasn’t bad enough to deal with, there are some drivers who turn to various means to stay awake. While there are more ways to handle stress than coffee or energy drinks — some even take illegal substances and drugs. Others even ironically take alcohol to manage stress.

Whatever the poison, the end result is usually the same: a greater risk on the road. Should you suffer an accident at the hands of a driver under the influence, make sure to document things as much as possible and contact a trucking injury lawyer in Denver.

Vehicular Failure

Mechanic fixing the car engineTrucks are under a lot of stresses from the constant driving and the loads that they have to bear — this is sometimes exacerbated by poor planning when it comes to loading. When the owners of these trucks don’t put in effort for conscientious maintenance, it puts not only the driver but everyone else at risk.

Again, it’s important that you carefully document any results of such accidents in order to assist in determining who is ultimately liable. This will ensure the fair treatment of any victims or sufferers of such an accident.


Finally, as with any other vehicle, there are those who simply display reckless and uncaring behavior. While speeding can be very dangerous in smaller vehicles, it can be downright devastating when it involves trucks.

When an accident results from the speeding of a truck, liability falls on the driver, but you can’t discount the potential liability of their employer should it emerge that the driver had a history of reckless behavior. As the exploration of these different liabilities can be complex and tough, it’s best to get a great lawyer.

Trucking accidents can have horrific and long-lasting results to those who fall victim. If you’re on the receiving end, it’s important that you get to fight for the recompense that is due you. To do that, you need to hire the very best lawyer to stand by your side.

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