What Does a Probate Attorney Do?


Probate lawyers deal with a client’s estate and may involve estate planning, execution, or administration. The YouTube video explores the topic and discusses what happens in probate. Read on to learn more.

The Role of a Probate Attorney

An estate lawyer may assist clients with the administration of an estate by validating the will, distributing the estate’s assets to beneficiaries, identifying and valuing assets, and paying debts and taxes. A probate attorney handles contests and disputes.

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For example, if clients reject a will and claim it’s invalid, a probate lawyer can confirm the validity of a will.

In addition, they may provide assistance to executors, provide asset protection, and probate litigation. For example, they may advise clients on how to protect assets from creditors and minimize estate taxes. In addition, if disputes arise between beneficiaries or heirs, an estate lawyer can represent a client in litigation.

Furthermore, these lawyers are skilled and knowledgeable in estate administration. Their job is to ensure trust management and the distribution of assets. Finally, they offer mediation services and alternative conflict resolution services.

A probate lawyer specializes in estate planning and trust management. Their primary goal is to ensure that the trust is distributed fairly and according to the terms of the trust. Finding a good probate lawyer is a matter of doing due diligence and thorough research.


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